Carrollton Greenbelt’s Adopt-A-Trail Program is accepting applications for 2019/2020 season

In August 2016, Friends of Carrollton GreenBelt partnered with Keep Carroll Beautiful to promote the Adopt-A-Trail volunteer program.

The Adopt-A-Trail initiative is a great way for individuals, families and organizations to get involved with the Carrollton GreenBelt by supplementing the maintenance efforts of City of Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department. Carrollton community is invited to take responsibility for the trail by performing simple tasks that include picking up litter, reporting repair needs and cleaning trail signage.

Anyone can sign up to care for a section of the trail. We welcome individuals, families, churches, social groups, schools, scout troops, community organizations and businesses. As some parts of the trail are longer and more remote than others, groups of at least two volunteers are encouraged.

To successfully adopt a trail, volunteers are required to attend a half-an-hour orientation. The 2019/2020 orientation will be held at the Stalling Center, Carrollton Parks and Recreation’s main office, on Wednesday, July 31st, at noon. Please RSVP to Martyna Griffin at

During their one year commitment, volunteers visit their trail section to perform the following tasks:

  • Assess and report any maintenance needs or vandalism to the Facility & Parks Maintenance (770 834-8522)
  • Remove any small debris that may be on the trail
  • Collect and dispose of any litter along the trail corridor
  • Clean trail signs (as needed)
  • Trim around trail signs (as needed)


  • Hays Mill Trailhead (TH #1)
  • Hays Mill Park Trail (#1)
  • Trojan Trail (#2)
  • Dixie Street Trail (#3)
  • Strickland Road Trail (#4)
  • Ayers Dairy Trail (#5)
  • Old Newnan Road Trailhead (TH #2)
  • Cedar Street Trail (#6)
  • Curtis Creek Wetlands Trail (#7)
  • Visitor’s Center Trailhead (TH #3)
  • Visitor’s Center Trail (#8)
  • Fire Station Spur (#9)
  • East Carrollton Park Trail (#10)
  • Castle Playground Spur (#11)
  • Lakeshore Park Trail (#12)
  • Lakeshore Drive Trail and Trailhead (#13/TH #4)
  • Hobbs Farm Trail Connector (#14)
  • Hobbs Farm Trail Loop (#15)
  • Hobbs Farm Trailhead (TH #5)
  • Rome Street Trail (#16)
  • Kingsbridge Trail (#17)
  • Little Tallapoosa River Trail (#18)
  • Alabama Street Trailhead (#TH6)
  • Brumbelow Road Trail (#19)
  • University of West Georgia Trail (#20)
  • Maple Street Trail (#21)
  • The Bypass Trail (#22)
  • The Shoals at Buffalo Creek Trail (#23)

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[t4p_tab title=”Adopt A Trail Online Application”]

    Thank you for your interest in helping us care for the Carrollton GreenBelt as an Adopt-A-Trail volunteer! To participate in the program, a representative of the adopting group must attend a 30-minute orientation meeting. The 2019/2020 orientation will take place at 12 pm (noon), on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, in the Rotary
    Room of the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Stallings Community Center (118 S White Street, Carrollton).

    We are accepting applications on first come – first serve basis. The Friends of Carrollton Greenbelt, LLC, and Keep Carroll Beautiful reserve the right to decline applications for any reason.



    I have a trail preference:

    Option 1:

    Option 2:

    Option 3:

    I would like to visit the trail:
    every two weeksonce a month

    Group type:
    I am an individual/family.I am adopting as part of a group.

    Do we have your permission to use your information (name of the group/persons, images submitted, trail section) in promotional materials (on website, signs, newsletters, social media, in print& brochures).


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