Riding the GreenBelt

in 6 1/2 minutes (by Marc Aramian)


Rose Aramian
(Girl on the bike)
Mike and Missy Dugan
(Walkers on the covered bridge)
Kyle, Jane, and Lily Marrero
(Bikers at UWG)

Bruce Bobick
(Artist at Buffalo Shoals)
Erica Studdard & Kent Johnston
(Walker at Laura’s Park)
Loy and Nola Howard
(Walkers at Tanner Medical)

Michelle Morgan and Caesar
(Runner with Dog)
Laura Richards, Jim Naughton, Maria, and Fiona Naughton
(Family at Ayers Farm)
Alex Labbe (Skateboarder)

Filmmaker: Marc Aramian

(c) 2017 Marc Aramian (ASCAP)
(P) 2017 Tallulah Tunes (ASCAP)