The Meadow Entrance to Buffalo Creek Trail Opening

The West Georgia Chapter of the Georgia Native Plant Society hosted the Grand Opening of Meadow Entrance to Buffalo Creek Trail during their 10th-anniversary celebration.

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The Meadow is located just a few hundred feet south of the Old Newnan Road Trailhead.

The Meadow Entrance refigures what was formerly a sometimes impassable access road to a sewer line, overgrown with privet, and an unused meadow and backdoor to the BCT. This area now features a kiosk, bike rack, boardwalk, pollinator garden, split rail fence, meadow, and birdhouses. Still very much a work in progress, we are in the process of adding a rain garden, additional split rail fencing, and plantings in the rain garden and meadow.

Over the years we have benefited from the support of numerous individuals and organizations, both in the private and public sectors.  You are among those who have encouraged and assisted us in our efforts to enhance the Buffalo Creek Outdoor Education Center, within which the Buffalo Creek Trail is situated.  This has been a community wide effort and we are very appreciative and grateful for your support.

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The West Georgia Chapter of the GeorgiaNative Plant Society was formed in September of 2008 by a group of native plant enthusiasts to serve the people in the western counties of the North Georgia piedmont. Their main goals are:

  • to promote the use of native plants in home, commercial and community landscapes;
  • to rescue plants in danger of destruction by development, working with property owners and developers to relocate the native plants in an organized and safe manner
  • to promote the restoration of native habitat and provide educational information about restoration to the public;
  • to discourage the use of non-native, invasive plant species.

After the opening ceremony, the attendants were invited for a short stroll along the Buffalo Trail.

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